Sunday, December 04, 2005

Volunteer Match

The following description of our Cooperative has been submitted to in an attempt to raise awareness of the volunteering aspect among potential volunteers around the world.

The Research Cooperative

A collection of online forums open to volunteers with language and writing skills, and to research writers and organisations around the world who require help to get their work published. This is NOT intended for ghostwriting services, but for legitimate and transparent language services. Volunteers may identify themselves as learners, experienced or professional. The Cooperative encourages international volunteer collaboration to raise the standards of academic research writing in all countries. The Cooperative recognises the important role of language services in helping to build academic and research communities at the local and international levels. The Cooperative also reocgnises the need to build communities that reach across economic and linguistic boundaries, so that poor and wealthy nations alike can benefit from research.

For listing on the Volunteer Match website, the following title and statement were provided:

Volunteer language and writing services

Join our online forums to provide support for researchers and research organisations around the world, regardless of their economic and linguistic circumstances. Volunteers may be learners, experienced or professional as editors, translators, proof-readers, website checkers, illustrators and so on. By volunteering, you can gain experience, meet people with similar research interests, and perhaps help raise standards in academic research and research publishing internationally. Volunteer for any topic of interest to yourself - from archeology to zoology (A to Z)!

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