Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Online libraries, and more

SideLines, November 2006

Copyright issues, technical glitches and set up costs have not stopped more and more books going online. Many organisations are putting libraries online. Important players at the moment include: Google Book Search, Open Content Alliance, Windows Live Search Books, and Gallica.

So many sources we have for downloading! And now the One Laptop Per Child Initiative is planning to give children in many countries the chance to upload as well as download.

When the whole world begins to upload, what will happen?

Perhaps that is when we will know the the real significance of the browser wars of today. Will browsers of the future be wide-open windows or half-closed shutters?

Archives, addition, and access. These are keywords for knowing the world through the internet. Hopefully, we will still have time to tend to our own gardens (real and metaphorical), and learn from direct experience.

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Taran said...

Umm. OLPC doesn't include a connection to the internet. In fact, the cost may slow down internet penetration in areas that could use it.