Friday, May 11, 2007

Australian Education

SideLines, May 2007

Australia may be 'Down Under' but 'Higher Education' is a regular supplement in The Australian, a major newspaper. Here is a sample of article headlines from the 10 page February 14, 2007, issue:

Revamp for flawed ratings - describes an overhaul of the way Australian universities measure teaching quality.
Chancellor intervenes in VC's dispute - reports on a dispute between past and present vice-chancellors at Macquariee University.
Crooked paths to Learning - an almost anthropological analysis of how some students (in the real world) act as 'interest chasers' (rather than following unreal study and career plans that are imagined by the university employment counselling services) about which there is 'a general ignorance' among students.
Drop in federal research funding... and academic staff continue to be (substantially) outnumbered by general administrative staff.
Unable to stay the course - science, maths and language courses are imploding in Britain... the anxiety in Australia over maths and science skills is shared in Britain.
Push for increase in foreign fellows - currently the Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies limits foreign nationals to just five of the 25 fellowships awarded each year.

and much more, including many higher education job advertisements.

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