Monday, January 09, 2006

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sh_trans said...

Hi there, Hi Peter

I am japanese research cordinator and I have contacted you before for asking your activity. You have sent me a brief reports "Research Writing in Japan, No. 49, National Museum of Ethnology". Thank you for this again, and let me now contact with you again.

I am looking for foreign researchers in Japan, who are working as well in the communication of science (communication in academic study-research and/or in RDT). I don't care in which major domain you are specialised, but if you are interested in interdisciplinary cordination with skill of science communication, please contact me.

This is an unofficial call for interests for interdisciplinary research.

M. Hamada Shingo

Research Cooperative said...

Dear Shingo,

Thanks - it might be good to post your request to the Society of Writers, Editors and Translators . Many of their members have academic research experience or interests, and it is common for professional editors and translators to have quite broad or cross-disciplinary interests.

sh_trans said...

Hi, Peter

I had contact with Dr. Halldor Stefansson of EMBL for his visit to Japan next april. It is very enriching for intedisciplinary research cordination, many thanks for your help.
I try to post my message on the board as you suggested me.