Monday, January 23, 2006

The Find-it Page, Japan Times

Incredibly, it is possible in Japan to advertise the Research Cooperative at no cost nationally, in a major English language daily (The Japan Times).

The following ad (26 words) was submitted as a free ad under Service, in The Find-it Page, on 23. Jan. 2006:

Research Co-operative (, an online meeting place for research writers, editors, translators, and others. Offers and requests for volunteer and paid services. All languages and subjects.

The email address for submission is weekendscene [at], and the subject line required is "The Find-it Page".

(Publication is on Saturday; deadline is Friday, 5 pm).

Note: This message has been posted to provide a record of promotion activities at The Research Cooperative. In this way, users of Co-op services can see we that we view promotion as a major task of our Co-op administration. It is also a task for which we always require help (volunteer, and financial).

If you can help us help others (and you), please contact Peter (email - pjm at gol dot com.

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