Sunday, February 05, 2006

24 trillion yen

SideLines, February 2006

That's the five-year spending target announced last week by Japan's General Council on Science and Technology.

The Japan Times of Thursday, Feb. 2, ran a good editorial on the plan, noting that women are greatly underrepresented in the sciences in Japan. According to the new plan, 25 % of newly hired researchers should be women.

Where will they come from?!

Policy suggestions from the Cooperative: spend more on improving scientific writing and publication in Japan, and create courses and job opportunites for professional technicians, so that graduate students and researchers can do their research more effectively.

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sh_trans said...

Hi there !

The subject is very touching for accontability of budget-research outcome balance.
For this kind of big budget, the policy steak-holders are anticipating the articlulation of social needs and demands. Foresight and assessment research study on future techno-society is also going on, but they don't know where is the critical point of sufficiency for accountability.